You’re in Control

Every Estate is different; some are relatively easy, and some are more complex to deal with. Whether or not a Grant of Representation is needed, every Estate will need to be administered to some degree. Our services are designed to offer you the right level of help and support based on your needs and requirements while retaining control throughout the process. It’s your choice.


Executor Support

Free Step by Step Guide

A great tool to help families, executors and administrators discover what to do when someone dies. From the immediate steps to take, for example, registering the death, obtaining a death certificate, arranging a funeral, looking after dependants or securing the property; to distribute the property or possessions of the deceased, each of the 10 steps details what you need to do. The guide is FREE to use, has a wealth of information and is available now; on our website, just one click away.

If you are looking for the tools to do it yourself or want more advice, please at next options.


Executor Toolkit

This allows you to apply for a Grant of Probate and fully administer an Estate, with support from our dedicated legal team.

Support by the Legal Team

In-depth, comprehensive, online ‘Do it Yourself’ service, supported by our legal team, giving you everything you need to ensure you have dealt with the Estate in line with your responsibilities and liability as a personal representative.

This toolkit can be used whether a Grant of Representation (also known as the Grant of Probate, Administration or Confirmation) is required or not, even if a Will was not left.


Simple Estate Administration

Upgrade to our fast track probate service and release funds so they can be distributed sooner.

Suitable for non-taxable Estates

In addition to all the benefits of the Executor Toolkit, we will also Fast Track the Grant of Representation application.

As we are a Trust Corporation, less information is required by the Courts when we apply for the grant on your behalf. This means the Grant is expediated and issued within weeks of application, rather than months; quickly freeing up funds to cover costs and expenses, as well as allowing interim payments to be made to those who are due to benefit much sooner.


Full Estate Administration

Appoint a Solicitor and hand fit all over to our professional legal team.

Suitable for taxable Estates

Simply hand everything over to a specialist. You will be assigned an SRA regulated solicitor, who will deal with the entire matter for you and will be on hand throughout. They will cover everything needed in order to finalise the Estate Administration and to ensure your legal responsibilities are adhered to.