Advantages of using our service

  • No joining fees or monthly subscriptions
  • Provide your clients with a full estate planning service and estate administration (probate)
  • Increase your client portfolio through referrals and introductions
  • Enhance the service you give your existing clients and gain cross sales on review
  • The key people within Estate planning including executors, trustees and guardians could also be future clients
  • Your clients can undertake their estate planning at a date and time convenient to them utilising modern technology to make the process simple, fast and efficient
  • We have a simple and competitive pricing structure with a generous 25% fee split for introductions
  • Offering a Will service provides you with the perfect opportunity to review any life assurance the clients may have in place to ensure they are fully protected and that the policy is written in trust
  • Your client has an online toolbox to complete forms, check documents and communicate with our team

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